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Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog Overdose 0.9 (special album with 222 copies only)
This release from 2006 offers 78 minutes of stately music. This latest release in the "Analog Overdose" series features a selection of material from various live performances and studio rehearsals in 2001. These tracks are noticeably shorter than usual AO pieces (which tend to be extremely long slow-building structures). Some are around fifteen minutes in duration, but there are actually more than a few that aren't even two minutes long. This means there's more focus going on here; the compositions speedily get to the point and strut their flash. Keyboard cycles are generated, spiraling around each other with languid beauty. Patterns evolve and the interactions change accordingly. Heavenly textures descend to cloud the melodies with their regal demeanor. Airy tones waft into play, and keyboard chords spin out from numerous directions, creating a lavish tapestry of intertwining riffs. Churning diodes goad inventive harmonics to spill forth and join the mix. E-perc plays a subtle role in this music--present but often understated. Delicate rhythms are the outcome, tempos that nudge without being too forceful. Compositionally, the short pieces act as somber interludes framing the longer, more active tracks. This arrangement gives the album a flowing structure, with meditative lulls leading to more urgent melodies that build to gripping pinnacles. A few of the pieces employ a bounciness that fits nicely amid the vaporous milieu.
Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

'Miniature 1' features a brooding sequence over soft wordless choral pads. It's all so moody but with real attitude. We get a clap of thunder and smoothly float into 'March 2001'. The sequence this time is a lovely bass laden one. It mutates, becoming more complex as a second sequence joins it. This really is excellent stuff. Little melodic motifs appear then fade like ghostly apparitions, mellotron being added to great effect. Appropriately enough it is all so 'analogue' sounding and very much in the spirit of the mid to late 70s. A tinkling sequence raises its head then disappears again whilst lovely floating melodic pads do their thing over the top. This track is a stunner. The sequence on 'Miniature 2' might be a simple four note one but it bounces along beautifully over some serene backing. Gradually things becomes more complex. Subtle percussion is added but the gorgeous tranquil atmosphere is maintained throughout. 'Rendevous Im Theater' picks up the pace. Rapid pulsations create the initial structure around which forms a steam hissing rhythm. The backing swells whilst a pitch bending lead line playfully darts this way and that. By the half way mark the excitement level is high and there seem to be more levels to the sequence than I can count. New leads swoop high and low like hawks diving for the kill then soaring into the sky again before sighting a fresh target. 'Miniature 3' (I assume you have spotted the pattern in track titles by now) is a flutey atmospheric bridging piece to 'The Trees Turn Tangerine (Live)'. An aggressive fizzing sequence blasts forward. This is contrasted by a lovely slow silken melody. The track title is very apt as so far, except for some vocoded text, this would have been well at home on 'Sorcerer'. Things become even more powerful and exciting as we go. 'Miniature 4' is a short piece, all soft and warm.
Things become much darker for 'Electronic Mirrors Part 3'. A slow bass throb starts up accompanied by very faint ticking percussion and ethereal mellotron. With such a fantastic build up you just know that the track is going to be a belter and it doesn't disappoint. Things become more syncopated all the time but the excitement doesn't finish there as the blistering solos play their vital part in keeping the oomph level high. 'Miniature 5' is another interlude though a very pleasant one with gentle percussive sequence and dreamy pads. 'Slow Polymorph' deploys the sequence right from the off. It's a sedate bass one which combines exquisitely with mellotron. This is really moody stuff which is in a similar style to Peter Baumann's first solo album (high praise indeed). A fitting way to finish such an excellent CD. The material for this album was recorded in 2001 and it is amazing that it has escaped release until now, as it is some of the best stuff they have done. If you liked the First Analog Overdose album I am sure you will love this. Unfortunately it is a limited edition of just 222 and as I write this (November 2006) there are only about 80 left so if you want one it would be a good idea to be quick. (Dave Law)

On last October 22nd, Thomas Fanger and Mario Schönwälder presented their first concert in England. In order to underline this event, the German duet revealed a special cd drawn in 222 units; Analog Overdose 0.9. An album which recalls their first steps, as well in studio as in concert, with all new material. Moreover, the very explicit title of 0.9 explains that titles offered were composed and played before and at the time of Analog Overdose Volume 1.
A fine hopping line jiggle the first chords of Miniatur I. Chorus, with very celestial harmonies, dresses this movement which undulates on a beautiful bass pulsation before finishing in the breaths of virtual thunders. Persisting, the breath crosses the limits of March 2001, with metallic rumblings, before transferring in melancholic violin. It is on this breath of sadness that placid a bass animates the hypnotic and fluid movement of March 2001.A fusion of limpid and crystalline keys fly and seem to multiply by their echoes to create a harmonious atmosphere. The tempo wince on a beautiful play of violin, an austere synth which filters its chorus and which blows of multi sound layers varied intonations. A beautiful title, superbly hypnotic which pour in the heteroclite universe of Miniatur II, where a superb line runs on light pulsations and a wavering synth. Rendevous im Success deploys a feverish sequence, bring into line very twisted keys which curve a line hypnotically harmonious. Minimalism, the tempo evolves surrounded of distortion cymbals on a tempo which crescende in speed and force. Synths are superb and multiply melodious layers which intersect in each others, while aligning sonorities worthy of a highway extremely stocked by metal striations and tortuous solos. Another good title which moderates its aggressiveness on a fluty and floating mellotron of Miniatur III. The Tree Turns to Tangerine is a superb title which begins with an oriental sound flute which bewitch and inspires a deep relieving which is quickly disturbed by a meandering sequence. The movement is jerked and covered with raucous robot-like voices which are lost in a percussion sequence where it hammers violently the rhythm. Another superb moment which is wrapped by a harmonious and fluty mellotron, as well as moulding and enveloping synthetic pads. After a short atmospheric escapade, with Miniatur IV, Electronic Mirrors Part III takes again the road of rhythm, with good percussions which mallet a heavy minimalist tempo, in a techno style. A ‘’technoïde’’ musical fresco which is furnished by superb synths solos and layers which made a very creative synthetic fiesta. Slow Polymorphe, a studio session track, finishes this opus, which will quickly become a piece of collection, on a slow fluctuating movement. Sensual bass line swing among synth striations which float in a bewitching atmosphere. The sequence amplifies the tempo by adding sinuous synthetic layers, giving more depth to a polymorphic and slow title. Analog Overdose 0.9 is a superb compilation where there are no empty moments. Even Miniatur run with ease, while assuming their roles, on this delightfully hypnotic opus, which charms by its melodious approach on aggressive and unforeseeable synths. Fanger & Schonwalder seem under to have estimated this collection. Only 222 units are available. Witch is very few for an album of this quality. One of the good titles I heard this year and it should appears easily among the Top 10 of 2006. EM, in Berlin School style, in what there is of more beautiful. Hurry up, before it sells out. Available at Synth Music Direct.
Sylvain Lupari for Guts Of Darkness the Home of Dark & Experimental Music

Le 22 Octobre dernier, Thomas Fanger et Mario Schonwalder présentait leur premier concert en Angleterre. Afin de souligner cet évènement, le duo Allemand dévoilait un cd spécial tiré en 222 unités; Analog Overdose 0.9. Un cd qui retrace les premiers pas du duo, tant dans leur studio qu’en concert, avec du matériel inédit. D’ailleurs le titre, très explicite de 0.9 explique que les titres offerts ont été composés et joués avant et lors de la période de Analog Overdose Volume 1. Une fine ligne sautillante dodeline les premiers accords de Miniatur I. Des chœurs, aux harmonies très célestes, habillent ce mouvement qui ondule sur une belle pulsation basse avant de finir dans les souffles de tonnerres virtuels. Persistant, le souffle traverse les limites de March 2001, avec des grondements métalliques, avant de muter en violon mélancolique. C’est sur ce souffle de tristesse qu’une basse placide anime le mouvement hypnotique et fluide de March 2001.Une fusion de notes limpides et cristallines voltigent et semblent se multiplier de leurs échos pour créer une atmosphère harmonieuse. Le tempo tressaille sur un beau jeu de violon, un synthé austère qui filtre ses chœurs et qui souffle des strates multi sonores aux intonations variées. Un beau titre, superbement hypnotique qui verse dans l’univers hétéroclite de Miniatur II où une superbe ligne coule sur de légères pulsations et un synthé louvoyant. Rendevous im Theatre déploie une séquence fébrile, alignant des notes très cordées qui serpentent une ligne hypnotiquement harmonieuse. Minimalisme, le tempo évolue entouré de cymbales distorsionnées sur une cadence qui crescende en rapidité et force. Les synthés sont superbes et multiplient des strates mélodieuses qui s’entrecroisent, tout en alignant des sonorités dignes d’une autoroute fort achalandée par des striures métalliques et de tortueux solos. Un autre bon titre qui tempère son agressivité sur un mellotron flûté et flottant de Miniatur III. The Tree Turns to Tangerine est un superbe titre qui débute avec un son de flûte orientale qui envoûte et inspire une profonde relaxation qui est vite perturbée par une séquence vrillante. Le mouvement est saccadé et couvert de voix robotiques rauques qui se perdent dans une séquence percutante où les percussions martèlent le rythme avec violence. Un autre superbe moment qui est enveloppé par un mellotron harmonieux et flûté, ainsi que des nappes synthétiques moulantes et enveloppantes. Après une courte escapade atmosphérique, avec Miniatur IV, Electronic Mirrors Part III reprend la route du rythme, avec de bonnes percussions qui martèlent un tempo minimaliste lourd, style techno. Une fresque musicale technoïde qui est garnie de superbes solos et strates de synthétiseurs qui se font une fiesta synthétique très créative. Slow Polymorphe termine cet opus, qui deviendra vite un objet de collection, sur un mouvement lent, fluctuant. Une basse sensuelle se balance parmi des striures de synthés qui flottent dans une atmosphère envoûtante. La séquence amplifie le tempo en ajoutant des couches synthétiques sinueuses, donnant plus de profondeur à un titre polymorphe et lent. Analog Overdose 0.9 est une superbe compilation où il n’y a pas de minutes creuses. Même les Miniatur coulent avec aisance, tout en assumant leurs rôles, sur cet opus délicieusement hypnotique, qui envoûte par son approche mélodieuse sur des synthés agressifs et imprévisibles. Fanger & Schonwalder semble avoir sous estimé cette collection. Seulement 222 exemplaires sont disponibles. C’est très peu pour un album de ce calibre. Un des bons titres que j’ai entendu cette année et il figure aisément dans le top 10 de 2006. De la MÉ, style Berlin School dans ce qu’il y a de plus beau. Dépêchez-vous, avant qu’il n’en reste plus. Disponible chez Synth Music Direct et le site de Manikin.
Sylvain Lupari for Guts Of Darkness the Home of Dark & Experimental Music