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21. OCTOBER 2006

Fanger & Schönwälder nailed their colours to the mast as soon as they set up their equipment: Two 'Memotron' (digital Mellotron) keyboards, two Access Viruses, Schrittmacher sequencer, etc. The Memotron looks absolutely gorgeous - it's a long time since an electronic keyboard instrument has looked so aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't sound too shoddy, either ! The F&S set opened with plenty washes of familiar 'tron choirs, strings and flutes, and then proceeded towards a hypnotic sequencer passage, which was restrained but powerful. Later on, however, the full power of their combined rigs was let loose to build the most incredible wall of sequence I've heard in a long time. Gobsmackingly good, and I can now see why these guys are held in such high esteem. The encore was upbeat and powerful, too. Mario did a spot of impromptu head-banging and dancing, demonstrating that the performers were having as much fun as the audience. There were many shared looks of delight and mouthed "Wow !"s as the crowd exited the afternoon session for tea break. If Mario and Thomas are listening, you simply HAVE to release this set as a CD. Awesome.
Grant Middleton (from the Beyond_EM List)

After a short break on came Fanger & Schönwälder....well, these guys were totally fantastic!!! a real class act! They started with a slow atmospheric beginning and then came the sequencers which were nothing short of amazing,....the enthusiasm of Mario was unprecedented and made for a real entertaining set. There is talk of this being released as Analog Overdose 4....and i sincerely hope so. As i will be first in line to get a copy along with the other AO albums i have :-)
Nick Adams (from the Beyond_EM List)